Skinny Nurses Spotlight

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Results vary. Typical results are 2 – 5 lbs. per week for the first 2 weeks, then 1 – 2 lbs. per week thereafter.


Ruth was 80 pounds overweight. She also loves nursing and was working as a nurse liaison between a nursing home and the hospitals. She was facing a decision to retire because of her health or should I say lack of health. She felt too bad to continue doing what she loved. I often shutter to think what Ruth’s life would be like now if she did not decide to join me on the journey.

As Ruth wrote to her friends recently:

“Well here it is 6 years after losing 80 pounds. I was sitting here thinking about my journey from a life of ‘resignation’ to a life of ‘reinvention’. About 20 years ago I had resigned myself to a life of increasing ‘plumpness’. Even though I was a Lifetime Member of a popular weight loss program, I just couldn’t seem to keep enough resolve to continue the journey. Then after losing a son to heart disease in 2004 and gaining another 30 lbs on top of my already gained 50 lbs., I was truly in a state of thinking ‘why does it really matter?’ (I now know that is called depression). My health was really going downhill. I had already had 1 knee replacement, was on 3 blood pressure medications, taking Lipitor for high cholesterol, taking pain pills for joint pain and was just diagnosed with borderline diabetes. I had reached my point of READINESS. I prayed for an answer that would work for me and that week I remembered 2 people that I had seen recently who had lost weight and seemed happy and content doing it. I connected with one of them and she explained her program to me and after showing me that the cost was neutral with what I was already spending on food, and with her coaching, I began this awesome journey. There were so many of my friends and family that watched my amazing progress and decided to join me that before I knew it I decided to be a Health Coach. Now I have a fulfilling business and am free to pay it forward to many others.”