Why Skinny Nurses?

Get Skinny

I’ve worked as a nurse for 37 years. I know how hard nurses work.

I know we take care of everyone else before we take care of ourselves.

I understand the challenges of losing weight as a nurse with a big heart and strong emotions.

There are at least 3 million RNs and over 700,000 LPNs in the US. Over 1 million of us are baby boomers who want to be skinny (at a healthy BMI) now before retiring, so we enjoy our time freedom.

Today, only 1/3 of the nursing workforce is at a healthy body weight for their height.

Additionally, there is strong evidence now that “healthy obesity” is a myth.

I’ve heard nurses say over and over again “I know what I need to do, I just can’t do it!

I want to give nurses hope.

I want to help nurses transform.

We can get skinny and get healthy and inspire our families, friends, co-workers and our patients.

We can lower healthcare cost for ourselves and others.

We are America’s most trusted professionals and have a unique opportunity to unite as Skinny (healthy BMI) Nurses and support each other.

I found a Fast, Safe, Affordable and Clinically Sound Program to get Skinny (reach a healthy BMI) that I want to share with nurses.

No Pills and No Surgery for this nurse!

I am looking for other nurses who feel the same.

Imagine this…

  • finding it easy to eat every three hours, the way we teach our diabetic patients to do.
  • low hunger and high energy.
  • the fat melting away.
  • is the last time you ever need to lose weight!