Skinny Nurses

Brenda Sammy

I am glad you stopped by today and I hope we get to be friends.
I have been a health coach over six years and although I have helped hundreds of people lose weight and reach their health goals, I haven’t helped as many nurses as I want to help.
Being a nurse for 37 years, I hold nurses in a special place in my heart.
I’ve watched many nurses grow up and grow old.
I love to see nurses succeed whether it is in finding a relationship, raising children, getting healthy, working at the bedside, or taking one of the many alternative career paths enjoyed by nurses.
We are over 3 million strong and we (of all people) should be taking care of ourselves and each other.
My hope for Skinny Nurses is that it helps me connect with nurses and that I find nurses who are intrinsically motivated to take action to transform their lives.
Whether you are already skinny but may not be healthy, whether you have secretly wanted to be skinny for decades but nothing has worked for you or if that baby fat needs to go away, I hope you will take the next step and call me.

The data is very conclusive:
People who lose weight on a diet will eventually gain it back.
People who have support along with a structure to change behavior will see exponentially higher success.

Take a little time now to ask yourself these questions:
Am I at my ideal BMI?
Have I set health goals for myself?
How many pounds do I want to lose?
How would that feel for me?
When was the last time I really had that?
How would that feel for the people I love and the people who love me?